Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)

Although Pan African Oil currently has no operations that directly affect local communities, we recognize the need for strong CSR policies and programs. As resource-based activity continues to grow in sub-Saharan Africa, local communities and governments will become increasingly involved as key stakeholders in the projects that impact their lives. As a new player to the hydrocarbon business in the region, PAO has both challenges and opportunities as it develops relationships with the communities in which it operates; as a newcomer it must develop its own policies and programs wherever the opportunity is located in order to gain its social license to operate in the area. However, with the ability to start with a “clean slate”, we have an opportunity to develop such programs based on industry best practices.


PAO will evaluate each project it captures and operates as to the appropriate level of community involvement and interaction. Any captured opportunity where local communities and/or the environment may be impacted by PAO’s operations will be subject to a series of base-line studies to establish the state of the communities and environment prior to any hydrocarbon-based activity by PAO.